5 Home Improvement Projects for Ambitious Homeowners

Some projects are worth the work. We've all heard about painting the walls to look fresh or organizing your space to look clean and tidy. Let's take it to the next level and talk about more ambitious DIY projects that may take some time, but you'll be glad you did it in the end. 

Here are five home improvement projects that will impress all the neighbors and make them want to renovate their house to keep up. 

  • Install Floating Shelves
  • Update Your Staircase and Railings
  • Paint the Tile and Backsplash (even the floor tiles!)
  • Do Some Landscaping
  • Improve Your Outdoor Lighting

Install Floating Shelves

Did you know you don't need a massive cabinet to store your belongings? Designers have turned the idea of cleanliness into part of your home's decor. Rather than hanging a cabinet or throwing everything in a closet, you can hang some floating shelves to organize your belongings that you wouldn't mind your guests seeing. Put some floating shelves in your kitchen to show off some of that new set of pots and pans. You could also hang some in the bathroom for your towels. Floating shelves take up much less space than a standing cabinet, so you'll have more room to maneuver in a tight space. 

You can also use floating shelves for other decorations or pictures. Rather than nailing all of your photos to the wall, give the wall some texture and character by placing stand-up picture frames on the shelf just like you would on top of a cabinet or nightstand. If you like greenery, you can set some plants or succulents on the shelf to add that pop of color everyone is trying to find. Floating shelves are versatile; you can arrange them however you'd like. 

Update Your Staircase and Railings

Some people overlook how much their staircase can add to the home's design. Think about all the square footage a staircase takes up. Now consider that space a blank canvas for whatever theme or style you hope to apply to your home. Let your creativity run wild, and think of your staircase as any other floor in the house. It may take some extra time and effort, but the results won't disappoint.

Add a Runner

A quick and easy way to spice up the staircase steps is to add a carpet runner down the middle. Whether you want to add a touch of color or a vibrant design, you can turn your beige staircase carpet into a burst of color by adding a runner. You can either have it done professionally for a couple of hundred bucks or take the project head-on by adding the carpeting yourself. Either way, runners for your staircase are becoming a popular design trend.

Paint the Steps/Railing

If your staircase is hardwood, you can paint the steps any color you want. A popular style is to paint the stairs one color and paint the gap between each step another color. This style adds some contrast and makes your staircase more interesting. Once you finish the steps, you can paint any wooden railings connected to the stairs. Painting your steps and railing is often overlooked, but it's just like replacing the flooring in your living room or hallways. 

Paint the Tile or Backsplash

Tile flooring is common everywhere in bathrooms, kitchens, mudrooms, and laundry rooms. Still, many homeowners don't think of their flooring as part of the house's design. You should utilize every corner of your home to make it yours in every way. Want to paint your tile? Go for it! 

Many interior designers map out ways to tastefully add some flare to your bathroom floor. One example is laying stencils or painter's tape to add a pattern or design to a blank tile. Another option is to paint a row or two of tile an accent color to give it some dimensions and character. However, if you decide to paint the tile, make sure you have fun with it. Like your walls, your floors are a blank canvas for whatever your heart desires. 

Do Some Landscaping

You can give your front yard a facelift if the weather is right. Whether you want to hire a professional landscaper or do it yourself, updating your lawn is a great way to gain some attention from the outside. Some common landscaping projects include trimming bushes or trees, planting flowers or other plants, and laying mulch or pebbles to accent your plants. 

More ambitious homeowners can take on bigger projects like laying stones, building a patio, or adding an archway or pergola over their existing landscaping. Whether you plan on going all-in or simply cleaning up your front yard, landscaping can go a long way to make your home look great and increase the property's value if you plan to sell in the future. 

Improve Your Outdoor Lighting

Once you finish the landscaping (or before), you can add some lighting so people can enjoy your landscaping after it gets dark. Bright outdoor lighting is a good investment if you like to host barbecues that go into the evening hours. Rather than packing up and heading inside, you can enjoy the outdoors well into the night with good lighting. Also, it adds an element of safety, as people are less likely to mess with your property if it is well-lit.

If you want to show off your beautiful home, add some uplighting to the outside. Tasteful outdoor lighting can make a lovely home into an awe-inspiring home from the outside. Many nice homes like to use outdoor lighting to accent their homes or highlight certain parts of their exterior or landscaping. Investing in some outdoor lighting is a great way to make your neighbors notice the work you're putting into your beautiful home.


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