All the Resources You Need Through Socially Responsible Real Estate

HomeTraq is focused on helping you, as the buyer, through all the hoops and hurdles of the home buying process. We want to make the home-buying process is a great experience by facilitating convenient home tours and working to connect you to the financial resources that matter to you the most.

What's Socially Responsible Real Estate?

Homeownership inequality can be hard to overcome. A socially responsible real estate technology focuses on equality for ALL homebuyers. We work to provide resources to buyers that close the homeownership inequality gap and focus on eliminating discrimination in the home-buying process. That also includes encouraging lenders and agents to develop and promote programs in low-to-moderate income and majority-minority census tracts.  

The Home Tour Experience

We want you to be comfortable in every step of the home-buying process, and that includes home tours. You can request a home showing using HomeTraq and quickly receive a confirmation from one of the agents in our network. We want to protect you as a buyer, so we never share your demographic or personal information with the agent. This buyer anonymity prevents discrimination in the home buying process and allows you to work with multiple agents, ultimately deciding which one you wish to continue to work with. 

Financial Resources for You 

One of the other biggest steps in the home-buying process has to do with all things financial. When buyers use HomeTraq's services, they are connected with financial options and assistance based on the properties they're interested in. If you book a home tour with HomeTraq, once the tour is confirmed, we will let you know if that home qualifies for special loan programs and whether you might qualify for Down Payment Assistance. 

Down Payment Assistance

Lenders offer a variety of down payment assistance plans based on a variety of variables like low-to-moderate income, majority-minority census tracts, or first-time home-buying status. We understand one of the biggest hurdles can be the down payment, so we want to help you find every financial opportunity. We will work to connect you to these assistance programs if you qualify or if a property you're interested in qualifies. Many funds in these programs go unused because buyers don't know about them, and we want to fix that. 

If you want some more information about finding Down Payment Assistance (DPA) in your area, check out this blog post about down payment assistance.


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